Diabetic Shoe Program

It is important for all patients with diabetes to protect their feet to avoid sores, infections, and prevent foot deformity such as bunions, hammertoes, or ingrown nails.

Most patients with diabetes qualify for footwear and inserts under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill. Medicare covers patients for one pair of shoes and three inserts per year. Our office has partnered with SureFit Lab which offers a variety of shoes with proper fitting for the diabetic patient: extra width across the midfoot and ample room at the toe-box to avoid pressure. These shoes are also designed to accommodate orthotics.

Our office participates in the Medicare Diabetic Therapeutic Footwear program. We can fit and help you choose from a wide variety of specially selected shoes that are approved by the program. The shoes have been chosen to provide extra depth and design consideration necessary to prevent diabetic foot complications without sacrificing a fashionable look.

Men's Diabetic Shoe Catalog

Women's Diabetic Shoe Catalog